Wet Well Inside Drops

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Pump life can be extended by preventing aerated influent from being drawn into the pumps as this is the primary cause of cavitation.

By employing a RELINER® Inside Drop installed according to this drawing, we have found dramatic reductions in pump related problems as well as reduced general maintenance and odor complaints. Note that the drop pipe should be extended below the low limit level and cut to follow the slope of the fillet. If there is no fillet, cut the pipe at 45 degrees and in all cases maintain a distance from the floor or fillet of one pipe diameter. This creates a diffuser by directing the flow back against the structure. We have found that this simple arrangement is superior to using elbow fittings and is easier to maintain as there is nothing to collect rags and debris.

Do not direct flow towards the pumps!



Inside Drop in newly constructed Wet Well.   Drop Bowls are adaptable to any structure.



The Drop Bowl does not touch the incoming pipe, it mounts directly to the structure wall.





Wet Well inside drop with optional Force Line Hood.  Any length of drop can be accommodated.