Channel System Installation Instructions

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RELINER® Installation Instructions
RELINER® /Duran Inc. U.S. Patents # 5,553,973 & 6,074,130 Canadian Patents # 2,176,074 & 2,269,565 1/04
1. Remove the existing brick and mortar invert in the flume path.
2. Lay out and align the flume parts.
3. Trim pipe extensions to fit the existing pipes.
4. Drill 4 holes in each flange for the 1/4” stainless steel bolts (supplied).
5. Bolt RELINER parts together
6. Locate a long style inflatable line plug in each line (inlets and outlet) so that the
plug is 1/2 in host pipe and 1/2 in RELINER pipe. (Use by-pass plugs for high
flow conditions.) OR Locate channels using split pipe technique (see page 2)
7. Inflate line plugs and brace entire assembly to prevent flotation.
8. Backfill with concrete
9. When concrete cures, remove plugs.
For technical support, call 800-508-6001

Cut off saw, 4-1/2" angle grinder or air-powered muffler cut off tool
Drill with bits (9/32 recommended)
Vise grips (2 minimum)
Tape measure
Line plugs same diameters as in structures OR see page 2
Lengths of PVC pipe (2-3 feet) same diameters as in structures
Duct tape
Hydraulic cement (quick setting)
Wrenches 7/16
Magic marker (permanent)
Concrete mix – approx. 1/2 yard
5 gallon pails
Steel trowels
Jack-hammer 90#
Mason's hammer
RELINER® is manufactured by
Duran Inc., 9 Matthews Drive, Unit A1/A2, East Haddam, CT 06423
800-508-6001, 860-434-0277, 877-434-3197 fax,