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Reliner US Patent # 5553973 Canadian Patent # 2176074 8/26/16
RELINER® Channel System
US Patent 5,553,973 Canadian Patent 2,176,074
Our RELINER products are all proudly made in the USA
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Basic Application: RELINER® channels are a plastic composite castable form
system for creating lined invert flumes in manholes, thus producing factory quality
flumes in the field regardless of site conditions or skill level of the installer. Historically,
this has been an area of sewer construction that has relied on traditional artisan skills
executed under extreme conditions and minimum supervision.
Advantages of RELINER®:
 Adaptable to most field conditions
 Minimum tools required
 No chemicals to mix
 High corrosion resistance
 Minimizes service disruption
 Easy to maintain
 Fast and easy to install
 Simple to inventory
 Permits last minute changes due to field problems
 Smooth flow characteristics
 Full depth channels allow higher design flows
 Predictable quality inverts independent of masonry skills
 Shipped direct to site
Composition and Materials: RELINER channels (flumes) are hand fabricated in
the USA from marine grade fiberglass and PVC pipe using fixed molds that provide
consistent high quality and dimensional control.
These materials have extremely high resistance to sewer acids while providing a
very smooth, low maintenance, low friction flume.
The full depth configuration allows the engineer to design for substantially higher
flows in smaller pipe diameters without fear of surcharging the manhole or generating
excess turbulence and the resulting H2S emissions.
RELINER channels are compatible with virtually all current manhole construction
and rehabilitation technologies and materials.
Reliner US Patent # 5553973 Canadian Patent # 2176074 8/26/16
Standard RELINER components consist of a fiberglass flume section molded into
one of several stock shapes and lengths, and a fiberglass pipe end (pipe sizes vary),
which bolts onto the flume section. The basic shapes for single flumes are straight,
45° sweep right and left, 22.5° sweep right and left, standard and short versions of
these options.
Intersections are resolved with 45° and 22.5° wyes, 4-ways and tees left and right.
Flumes are available without pipes or with optional molded hemispherical drop or dead
ends. Selection tables are available which provide the user with easy to read diagrams
of typical manhole intersections.
RELINER components are hand and chopper gun laminations of these properties:
Physical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reinforced Laminates
( 33 / 66 Glass / Resin 1.5 oz mat Laminates .125 in. )
Flexural Strength (psi) ASTM D-790 27,100
Flexural Modulus (psi) ASTM D-790 1,157,000
Tensile Strength (psi) ASTM D-638 16,700
Tensile Modulus (psi) ASTM D-638 1,457,000
Tensile Elongation (%) ASTM D-638 1.54
Hardness, Barcol 934.1 ASTM D-2583 55 - 60
Physical Properties of ISO Gel Coat
Room Temperature Cured Post Cured at
for 45 hours 50_ for 24 hours
Tensile Strength 6,218 6,581
Elongation, % 2.70 1.90
Flexural Strength, psi 11,363 11,329
Heat Distortion, °F 0.544 x 106 0.713 x 106
Mandrel Flex, Mandrel
Diameter in Inches -- 1.0
Sample Specification for RELINER®:
All new and / or existing manhole structures shall be outfitted with RELINER plastic
composite invert components. All channels shall be at least the same depth as the pipe
diameter and shall be field trimmed and assembled as per manufacturer’s instructions
using supplied stainless hardware. Concrete backfill shall be properly placed and
graded so as to provide smooth well-drained sloping benches. Pipe alignment shall be
maintained by use of external adapters, inflatable plugs or other manufacturer approved
methods. Contractor shall inspect each manhole structure and verify components
required to outfit each structure. RELINER is manufactured in the USA by Duran Inc.
Reliner US Patent # 5553973 Canadian Patent # 2176074 8/26/16
1. Remove the existing brick and mortar invert in the flume path.
2. Lay out and align the flume parts.
3. Trim pipe extensions to fit the existing pipes.
4. Drill 4 holes in each flange for the 1/4” stainless steel bolts (supplied).
5. Bolt channels and pipe end parts together
6. Locate a long style inflatable line plug in each line (inlets and outlet) so that the
plug is 1/2 in host pipe and 1/2 in RELINER pipe. (Use by-pass plugs for high
flow conditions.) OR Locate channels using split pipe technique (call for faxed
instructions or visit our website.)
7. Inflate line plugs and brace entire assembly to prevent flotation.
8. Backfill with concrete
9. When concrete cures, remove plugs.
RELINER® is manufactured by Duran Inc. of East Haddam, CT and is sold nationally through:
RELINER® / Duran Inc.
9 Matthews Drive, Unit A1/A2
East Haddam, CT 06423
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Price varies with complexity. Contact sales for quote and visit our web site at for estimating prices.
Contact sales at 800-508-6001 for copy of warranty.
Normal maintenance consists of routine inspection and flushing with a hose or pressure
For technical consultation or additional information, and for custom design and
fabrication services, please email or call
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